Felt Rabbit Hat | Costume Hat with Bunny Ears for Kids and Adults


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Bunny Hat. Hand Felted Rabbit Hat

Hand felted hat with long bunny ears.

  • hat made using one of the oldest fiber production technique – hand wet felting
  • hat made of merino wool – it’s soft and pleasant to wear
  • It is shaped and blocked by hand – I don’t use steam, glue or any other stiffeners or stitching. Just pure wool, warm water, olive oil soap and the power of my hands
  • hat is seamless, felted all together with ears, there is no way to tear them off
  • I use only wool with ‘no mulesing’ certificate


Hat made to order. I need 4-14 days to make this hat. If you need it for a specific date, please contact me before placing your order. I’ll see what I can do!

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I make my hats using the traditional hand wet-felting. Dry carded wool fibers are laid out in layers, wet down with soapy water (I use only organic, olive oil based soap) and worked by hand to felt, shrink and shape them into a hat. This hat is made of merino wool. Merino wool is perfect material for hats! It has amazing thermal properties. It is breathable, it has the ability to transfer the excess moisture out. It normalizes body temperature by supplying warmth without being too hot and by taking moisture away.
Due to these properties, felted hats are also perfect  for sauna/bania– they protect the head from overheating.
Felt is a very durable material. It’s windproof and water repellent. It will keep your head warm and cozy but it will never overheat it!



Rabbit Hat, like all products made of natural, hand-felted wool, does not require frequent washing, wool has this incredible ability to clean itself (thanks to unique, scaly construction, wool has the ability to repel dirt particles).
However, if you need to clean your hat, hand wash is a must. Use luke-warm water, some gentle wool detergent, or plain olive oil soap. Rinse, squeeze gently to remove excess water, avoid excessive friction and twisting, blot the excess water with a towel, reshape and let air dry.

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